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One of my favorite ways to sit down and relax is to put on some soothing music, sit in my most comfortable chair in my living room with a glass of wine and my eyes closed. But one of my pet perves is that in order for me to do this I have to pull my chair closer to my hifi stereo system.

Sure I can sit back and listen to music through my speakers, but I tend to relax a lot more when I have headphones on. So this got me thinking into getting a pair of wireless headphones so that I can enjoy my music as well as not have to move any future around my house in the process.

Arhh yes, but what type of headphones should I go after? That is the question. Sony mdr-rf985rk

So with a little bit of investigating I found a website that does an effect review on wireless headphones. Although the reviews are more in line with providing information for wireless tv headphones reviews you can still draw conclusions for any type of wireless listening.

The website basically gives you what they think is their top 3 brands of headphones and you can even get a discount depending on when you are looking. But there is always a discount when I visited the website.

So some of the things that they suggest you need to consider when buying wireless headphones is battery life, distance away from the transmitter, whether you should go for RF, bluetooth or Infrared technology and the price.

So hope that has helped some one out.

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familyhikingblogGoing hiking is one thing, but you really do need to have the right equipment when you’re out in the bush. Having the right hiking gear can mean the difference between life and death in some instances.

If you’re just out for the day and have no chance of getting lost then the right type of hiking gear is of less importance. However if you are intending on hiking out in the forest then it is cruical that you have the approach gear. best spikeless golf shoes 2014

You will need to have hiking boots that are durable, breathable and water proof. As you can imagine you will be hiking for long periods of time and as a result you will need to have extremely sturdy footwear.

You will also need to have a hiking pack so that you can put all of your supplies in it. This is especially needed if you are hking with a young family. You will need to make sure that there is enough food and warm clothing in your packs to ensure your family is taken care of in case of an emergency.

You can find some really great tips at They have a great information on back packs, hiking boot, hiking for familys, hiking equipment and clothes as well.



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Envnet.orgSo i got a pc the other day from a uncle of mine and I had to reformat the hard drive because it was just cluttered up with a lot of shit. So any way I decided that once I had done it then I would have a pretty good pc to do whatever I wanted with.

However, what I learnt was that once you have reformatted the hard drive it’s not an easy solution to have tit up and running again.

In theory it is a simple task to just start reinstalling your applications from scratch again, however , what i didn’t realize was that you also have to have the right software drivers to make everything run.

If you don’t have the right drivers nothing is going to function properly. In effect what this means is that you computer is running at 50% or less. It’s almost like putting a governor on your car to stop the performance – you know the thing that rental car places put on cars to stop driver from speeding in there cars.

Anyway, as hard as i tried i just couldn’t find the right drivers for my computer. ab belt reviews

Luckily i found a product called driver detective it’s one of those software products that you install on your computer and it will find the proper drivers for each of your hardware components automatically.

It basically uses a massive database of drivers that are linked to hardware components.

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